Digestive health for dogs is just as important as our health. Although some might say their pet’s health is more important. But you can ensure your pet’s digestive health with a few simple changes in their diet. It’s easy with variety and our ileocecal valve supplements. Variety is key to better digestive health, whether you are looking at your health or your pets. Just remember to use small portions when changing dog food and other foods that your pet eats regularly. My pup Savana is over 12 years old, so I don’t rely on just dog food for her. I vary her protein with lean meats, eggs, and fish. You can also add some organ meats, like hearts or liver. I vary her carbs with oatmeal or generic cheerios. This is also a good source of fiber. You also want some fat to go with carbs and protein. The meats will add a little fat as well. You can add a small piece of avocado for this as well. I also add a dash of ground organic turmeric and ginger to her dish. These herbs are great for fighting cancer and inflammation. Inflammation is very hard on the gut and ileocecal valve. You can use organic chicken broth to help mix the powders and to add a little more protein. And of course our “Essentials Blend +” powder. This powder has whole food nutrition from our wild grown freshwater algae. Pre and probiotics and our digestive enzymes. This is a great recipe for a nutritious and healthy meal for your pup. You can vary the ingredients and the amounts of what you add for more variety. And remember, digestive health for dogs is important for your pet just like it is for you.